As part of Foundation Personnel’s ongoing commitment towards developing and maintaining a working environment that is inclusive, transparent and welcoming to people from all backgrounds and abilities, we took it upon ourselves to reflect and enact change – a change that we hope paths the way for many of our peers to follow suit.

As an ever-growing specialist labour supplier in the construction industry, it’s necessary that we take all available steps to ensure we stay up to date with compliance, legislation but also to help as many people as possible to develop careers in an industry with an abundance of opportunities. This is where our work with the Investors in Diversity began.

The IID accreditation is awarded to organisations that can demonstrate an all-encompassing and effective approach to managing equality, diversity and inclusion. Administered by the National Centre for Diversity, the scheme helps organisations to achieve an inclusive culture in which every employee can succeed and feel valued, and in which every client receives fair and equal treatment, regardless of their background.

How do we do this?

We’ve enhanced the way we communicate with a diverse range of people; sending a questionnaire to all employees, candidates and clients in which they honestly answered how fair and represented we were as a business, when it came to equality and diversity. The results were audited and once a few other checks were passed, we were awarded the certification – the class plaque is displayed very proudly in our offices.

To help you to better understand the process and how much this means to us, we’d like to introduce you to FREDIE:

• Fairness
• Respect
• Equality
• Diversity
• Inclusion
• Engagement

“While this certification will no doubt benefit our staff, it will also have a positive effect on the wider business,” said Louise Clarke, Foundation Personnel’s Operations Manager. She continues:

“Providing new opportunities to our growing workforce and bringing new skills into the business based on merit means that we are able to grow into a company shaped by a modern and inclusive outlook. As a woman in a very male-dominated industry, this award means a great deal to me and I’m very proud to have helped us to achieve it.”